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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Promotional Products? 
Promotional products are items imprinted with a company's name, logo or message - include useful or decorative articles of merchandise, that are used in marketing and communication programs. Imprinted products that are distributed free are called advertising specialties. Imprinted items give as an incentive for a specific action are known as premiums. Business gifts, awards and commemoratives are also considered promotional products. 
What is an acceptable format for my logo or artwork? 
Usually, your files should be in a "vector" .eps format - preferably created in Adobe Illustrator. All images and fonts should be converted to "curves" or "outlines". If your artwork is more than one color, each color should be in a different layer and all colors should be included in the note section. Less acceptable formats (yet, still useable sometimes) are high resolution (300dpi or better) .tif files. Rarely acceptable are .jpg or .gif files. 
What is a set-up/screen charge, and how does that differ from an art charge? 
The set-up charge is a fee charged by the manufacturer and involves preparing a plate and the other necessary "make ready" to get your job on the press. This fee normally is $35 to $75. - depending on the vendor. Some of our vendors do not charge a set-up charge. 
What is an artwork charge? 
An artwork charge normally applies to all orders unless you send your entire imprint in an acceptable electronic file. If you require new artwork or the addition of an internet address, phone number, or other type to be added to existing artwork, this fee will apply. We do not typically charge an artwork fee. However if your logo is not in a vector format we can do this for you for a fee of $20.00. Complicated artwork may require an additional artwork fee starting at $20.00. Contact us if you have questions about your project. 
Can I fax you my logo or artwork? 
Typically, a fax is not adequate for artwork. Using it would result in poor quality. If you are not able to e-mail or provide art on a disk in an acceptable format, Redline Engraving & Promotions can create or re-create your artwork for you. Additional charges will apply. 
Can I see a proof first? 
Of course! In fact, we will insist that you approve a proof before the product is ordered. For most products, you will receive a PDF proof via e-mail or a black and white printed proof. If you wish to see a production proof (an actual sample), this is available for an additional fee. We do not usually recommend this, as it delays your order and can be very expensive. We work with trusted suppliers who are known for doing quality work. 
What if I need an item faster than the regular production time? 
Rush service is available for some items from some vendors. If you need something FAST, please call our office so that we help. We will be able to make product recommendations and do the additional research needed to get the job done on a tight timeline! 
What if I have more questions? 
E-mail us at Alan@PugPromotions.com or call our office at: 904-422-6249.  Our office hours are 9 am to 5 pm EST Monday through Friday. We look forward to helping you.